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I Woke Up In a Tree

"I woke up in a tree, with branches all around.
How I got here I don't know, I didn't hear a sound."
Children are often transported while sleeping and wake up in unknown surroundings such as their grandparents’ home or the seat of a car.
When one little girl falls asleep while playing outside, she wakes up cradled in the branches of a tall tree.
How did she get there? That's what she would like to know, as she shares with young readers a wild variety of ways she might have gotten into such a ridiculous predicament.

The Blue Berry Red Cherry New Berry Tree

The Blue Berry Red Cherry New Berry Tree is a very happy tale about a boy and a girl, brother and sister, who accidentally allow their ice cream sundaes laden with berries to melt on a hot sunny day.
What else was there to do but hide the evidence!
But ice cream, cherries and berries are sometimes filled with other dreams as this pair soon find out.
There is in The Blue Berry Red Cherry New Berry Tree a story beneath the story, both literally and figuratively. The meaning within is up to each reader to decide for his or herself.

I Sat Beside An Elephant

Written in a light rhyming prose, any child age three to six is sure to enjoy the story within “I Sat Beside an Elephant.”
The illustrations are hand drawn in colored pencil and add just the right touch of realism to the completely whimsical nature of the story.
“I Sat Beside an Elephant” carries to the reader a touching look at the simple warmth always hiding in the thoughts of every child

The Mouse and the Cuckoo

The Mouse and the Cuckoo tells the story of one gallant little mouse who insists on reaching out to, and making a friend of, a wooden cuckoo bird. He is rejected and frustrated but never loses his faith, as the bird only responds by chiming the hour with a quick “Coo koo, Coo koo.”
When I first began to write The Mouse and the Cuckoo, my goal was to create a story that would serve as a bridge of understanding between autistic children and their parents. As the book developed, I realized that my simple story of a mouse trying to speak with an animated cuckoo clock bird carried a greater message.
So many children are trapped within their physical shell. These are kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and dozens of other adversities. And, like my little cuckoo bird, each has a song in their heart.

A Woop in my Soup

Learning to be kind and think of the people around you is an important lesson for children. What better way to learn
this than by entering a world of fantastic imagining.
A Woop in my Soup is exactly that, as well as a fabulous piece of fun reading for children from age 4 to 8.
Written with a fast paced meter, A Woop in my Soup takes readers young and old on a roller coaster of rhyme. Beginning with a quick introduction to what a Woop is and what they represent, the story then literally leaps into action at a home where for one little boy rudeness is rewarded with a visit from a very strange creature... A Woop.

I Dreamt I Was A Princess

I Dreamt I Was A Princess is a playful look at one little girl’s secret wish to be a beautiful princess. The joyous 30 page fully illustrated book for children ages 4 to 8 tells the story of one little girl who in many ways is every little girl. By day she leads a very normal life, but once fallen into dreams is carried to a world of shining knights, tall castles and the occasional royal ball.
Morning brings a typical day of school, play and ready for bed. Just before she shuts her eyes, dad comes in to tuck her in. A kiss goodnight and our young miss is again fast asleep amidst enchantment.
I Dreamt I Was A Princess reminds us that in the eyes of mom or dad, grandmother and grandpa, every little girl is indeed a beautiful princess.

I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe

I Spotted A Spotted Giraffe combines clever wordplay with a fun story to create a wonderful reading experience for children ages 4 to 8.
The story is a joyous look at how simple things such as shadows from the setting sun can shape a child’s imagination. This twenty-four page full color illustrated picture book is a wonderful blend of light hearted storytelling with superb drawings.
One’s eyes and mind can play tricks on them when night begins to fall inside the playground park. Shadows take on funny forms. A slide might become a giraffe. Small bushes become a jungle and every sound takes on meaning for a young boy looking for an afternoon adventure.