This is my silliest book A Woop in my Soup. This fast paced rhyming picture book teaches the lesson that you should treat other people the way you would like to be treated.
Learning to be kind and think of the people around you is an important lesson for children. What better way to learn this than by entering a world of fantastic imagining and A Woop in my Soup is exactly that.

I Sat Beside An Elephant is the story of one little boy with a very active imagination. He does his best to study for school, but his animal friends always get the better of him.
Written in a light rhyming prose, any child age three to six is sure to enjoy the story within “I Sat Beside an Elephant.”

The Mouse and the Cuckoo tells the story of one gallant little mouse who insists on reaching out to, and making a friend of, a wooden cuckoo bird. As the book developed, I realized that my simple story of a mouse trying to speak with an animated cuckoo clock bird carried a greater message.

I Dreamt I Was A Princess is a playful look at one little girl’s secret wish to be a beautiful princess. This joyous book tells the story of one little girl who in many ways is every little girl. By day she leads a very normal life, but once fallen into dreams is carried to a world of shining knights, tall castles and the occasional royal ball.

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